Thursday, February 23, 2012

As promised.............

I have had several ladies contact me about posting these three framed....lets see...what do I call these....pieces of "collage art".. that I did quite some time ago. I did these to hang on my wall of my studio...and now that I am packing up my house to move "home" this summer...(could you hear the enthusiasm in my voice?...LOL)...I decided it was now or thank you all for "reminding me"...theres a nice word for it...LOL...and as promised here they are...:o)

I love dress this one was stamped and cut several times to form just the right "fashion statement."
    This funny little bird jumping for joy on the top he's spread his wings and almost looks to be smiling.
 This is my Hubby's favorite. Life is just a balancing I placed hand cut chairs on top of one another and some of my favorite birds trying to clammer up to the top to reach that tiny cherry. The little bird down below is such a favorite of mine. He's letting everyone know he is not pleased with his placement........LOL
I designed these from G45 and BoBunny papers from last year. I loved the camera line that BoBunny put that is mostly the back grounds for these pieces. I used scraps everywhere in them of all different papers and used lots of stamps with French script, distress dots....ect. including Character Construction and Technique Tuesday. Lots of swirls and alphabets and type as well. I love anything with birds on I placed those little antique birds around the designs to keep the motion going. They were truly enjoyable to design and I have also made them into cards.....:o)
May your day be an enjoyable one for you....doing something you love and brings you such warmth......;o)


Anonymous said...

Hey hunee,
Finally I get to see them again. Thanks for posting these. I love them. Still not selling them to me? hahaha
Hope to see you next time your in Boise,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing these again. Can I get on my hands and knees and beg you to do a class on these? Maybe just a little one that can be framed? Please?
I just love them.

Belinda said...

Jann, love these prints. So cute and so Jann! HUgs to my sweet friend,