Saturday, September 11, 2010


the hub and I (and of course Mr. "B") blew out of "Duttonville" and went towards Jackson Hole, WY. Beautiful day....great brush or trees turning yet....just about a week early.....but great, cool, crisp air that surrounded us and left us having the best the day had to offer...:o) But the Tetons have SNOW on them already....:o) Great day....just getting away....:o) Hope you all have enjoyed yours....:o)


Stephanie said...

**** GREAT BEAUTIFUL PICTURE OF YOU BOTH!!*** SO excited to see a fun post like this with you cutsy doggie along for the family outings!! :) LOVE IT!! and whoa.. thoseGrand Tetons are stunning gorgeous.. God gave us breathtaking gifts!!! thanks Jann for an awesome post!

with a grin,
STeff ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey you two.
About time you both got away from that little city and up into the mountains.
Glad your relaxing, both of you.
Doc H.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jann,
Glad that you and Tom got out of duttonville. lol I know you love it so.
The mountains are beautiful. I have never seen the tetons so glad tht you took a picture of them.
We all miss you in Boise. Have a good week and I'll call you soon.
Miss you tell Tom we said hello.
Kelbell and Tom

Anonymous said...

Hi Jann.
Can I ask you if you are teaching in Bpoise in September? I would love to take what ever you are teaching. Please contact me 251-8924 and let me know. I so enjoyed your last class with all the stamping and cards. My friends loved them and wante to sign up as well. Let me know please.
Nikki Stronde