Sunday, September 5, 2010

A sneaky peak......

at the coin mini headed for it's "recipient" on Tuesday.....can't wait to get it in the mail...I love is my favorite season of the it's been so much fun to work on this......:o)...and so much fun to be a part of the "beach babes" guys all rawk....:o)


Stephanie said...

Its soo super gorgeous!! :) I love it.. and she's going to LOVE IT!! TA-HEE .. I LOVE IT!! :) Jann.. you blow me away wiht your talents!! :)

with a grin,

Van (Vung) said...

This is a beautiful mini.

Anonymous said...

WOW JANN!!! I love this mini!!
Your partner is a very lucky lady !
Take Care,

Anna Fallas said...


OMG!!!!! That is so beautiful wow your work is beyond amazing and just leaves me speachless LOVE IT!!!! Your partner is so lucky waa waa waa LOL!! :-) But I am waiting for the video dont you ship that without doing a video (Come on you can do it LOL)

Hugs, Anna :-)

Belinda said...

Oh my gosh... I tried not to peek but I am weak! It is so totally beautiful. Can't wait to see each page and admire your lovely work. Do you think I could meet the mailman half way between Idaho and Oregon? I just keep smiling. Hugs to you my dear friend.

Anonymous said...

OMG girlfren this is beautiful!
We all miss you hun.
Come back soon. I need my jann fix more than once a month, lol
Love ya sistah.