Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday's SWAP announcement!!!!!

Paper bag Mini Swap!!!!!
We can NEVER have enough of them.....:o)
Lets make it a "FRIENDS" I have met soooo many great ones at the BEACH....:o)
Great response to the last months I'm doing another one!!!!!!
This one will be a "vintage/steampunk" (that should have your little minds wheeling)...LOL paper bag album. So lets dress them up, steampunk them up, fiber them up, pocket them up and do some fun and inventive things with them. A little bit of "out of your box" should apply here and we'll see GREAT results!!!!! Steffanie at the Beach did an awesomely, wonderful mini using the Graphic45's new line that they have out so think "gears-wheels-oddities and wacky stuff"...but then come back down to earth and think... "vintage and antiquities"...doesn't have to be anything that you wouldn't LOVE getting yourself....just some "quips and quoes" and some "unusual things" make your mini OUTSTANDING for your partner. Remember to use what you have, I LOVE mini's for keep your expense down. This is an imaginative album that will RAWK your partner. Remember to create something that you would oooh and awe over if you were to receive it in the mail. So here's the "scoop"

1. Use 5 paper bags (I get mine at Micheal's for 2.99 for 12 of them in the "wrapping and bow section"... they are the ones that measure 4.5/8x2.7/8x8.5/8's by CELEBRATE IT. (Don't forget ANY STORES coupons...they take them all) Sounds complicated but they are the "standard" ones that they carry. If you can't get these come as close as you can to the size. Remember when assembly is going on, there are "pockets" to be found in these....:o) AlSO.....think about using your chip board tags, velum, acrylic tags....they just don't have to be paper bags....think about adding a page or two with the vellum or acrylic...chip board shapes.......think hard! The can have many pages, just remember to use 5 paper bags...:o)
2. You'll need to "add cover's" to them. I use cut up boxes. They are sturdy and make wonderful covers. I extend mine an inch or two past the paper bags in width. Truly guys they make GREAT covers. Paint them, add paper to them...distress them..whatever you little heart desires. BUT...use anything that you like for the covers...mine is just a suggestion!
3. Add whatever you would like. Junque them up and make them fabulous as I know you can. It's a bit of a challenge but then's you coming "out of your box" a bit and you will be ASTONISHED at what you have created!!!!! Everyone loves ribbons and fibers, flowers and euphemra. Look into your magazines for some idea's/ clipart, stamps, old photo's, make it unusually different than you have before. ( Theres the "Steampunk" coming through) Bling it up, stick pin it up, DISTRESS it up, add pockets and tags....just imagine what you can do???? And at very little cost to us all using things that you have had for a while or just gotten...makes no difference...just DO IT!
4. Make sure that your album is "bound" so that your partner gets LOTS of good use out of it and it will last a LONG time. I bound my last coin mini with 2 of those rings everyone has. I have taken mine that Belinda made me to work and have shown students and friends. THEY LOVE IT!!!! They ooohed and awed over it and I could just see the little "light bulbs" coming on.
5. DEADLINE!!!! I can not tell you how PLEASED and THRILLED I was that everyone got their albums out on time. Deadlines are so important and I soooooo with all my heart, appreciate all of you getting them out on time. Thank you all so very much from the last swap. It meant a great deal to EVERYONE to receive them on time and so much easier for the whole group. So if you "committ" to this swap...please carry through with the DEADLINE. And if you can't make it...that's okay...we'll do something fun next month...:o)
6. Let's be brave....imaginative and have FUN doing this. Recycle, no stress, and again use things you have. Your imagination is in your own "being"....your all awesomely talented...lets go "beyond" the norm and create something really fun and special. But most of all....have fun!!!!!!

Last swap went so well, let's UP the swappers this time to 16. As I did last time, I will draw names for swap partners. Sooooo....IF you want to do this swap, PLEASE let me know here and I will add you to the list. me at the BEACH (link is here on my blog)for joining as well....thanks guys....It's always a pleasure!!!!


Crafting to stay sane! said...

This sounds great Jann and I would love to join please!
Hugs Alyson x

Becky Halfhill said...

This sounds perfect! Count me in!! Thanks girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I would love to join in. Please add me
Maria Mendoza

I'm on the beach too

junqueandroses said...

I want in on this one too.....Tater have some great ideas....((((HUGS))))Lyla

Loricat said...

I would love to sign p for this swap if theres still room. Thank you.

Brenda said...

Hi Jann,
If you still have room I would love to join your swap!

Stampy Sister said...

If this is still open, I would like to participate in a steampunk mini swap.