Saturday, September 26, 2009

Anouther great shop....

in Warrenton, Oregon.
GREAT location, right as your coming into town.
Scrapbook Connection!!! Merchandised to the "T"...stocked so well and displayed amazingly. It was so well displayed and easily found. Great things to catch your eye and want to experience. Margaret was an absolute doll to work with. She even talked about things we should see when we visited Astoria. Besides being a fabulous person to deal with, she should be commended for her "tour guide" antics from the city! Look at her smile...its so generous and sincere. Thank you so Margaret for your warmth and friendliness, your kindness and information. It will be remembered well with such appreciation always. We visited a few more shops but by far these three stood out so much with their professionalism and their friendliness. Scrapbook Connection, the pleasure was all ours.
Their website is.....


Anonymous said...

Did you bring home some cool stuff?
When's your next class? Are you through relaxing? The Thursday gals want a class!
Love ya,

theheyengirls said...

Thank you so much for your visit to Scrapbook Connection! I hope you had a great vacation.