Tuesday, September 29, 2009


made from scraps and captured in creams, blacks, greens and khaki. Distressed and stamped and dabbled with silver and gold. Mixed up in shapes and sizes, they come alive with time and easy thoughts.

I LOVE this new product that gives you tiny bits of "petal color." It's called "Flower Soft" and it adds so much texture and dimension to your projects. I highly recommend it to those that have not tried it. The ones I used were spring and summer. (wishful thinking on my part, it's suppose to snow here today or tomorrow...)But it added some color that I could not have gotten any other way.(double click the photo's to see the applications better) I loved the results and really enjoyed using it.


Michelle ~ ~ said...

I love the bee card!! I think it's mine!!! great cards love the display. I saw a dress form just yesterday, can't remember where I was! Pier 1 and thot of YOU.

Anonymous said...

I love the cards! I want to take that class girlfren so count me in. Also, can you teach that layout that you did for the Susan G. thingymabob again, please? The cancer thing. Sorry I am in pause mode today. Godfreys! Anyway, I have enough for a class of 12 and we would love to take it. Please call me soon. Tried to reach you yesterday but couldn't so call me.
Thanks deary,
Sue R.

Anonymous said...

really cute cards Jann. Are you giving a class on them? Lemme know sistah from anatha matha.
Love ya