Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Traveling right along".......

I had so many people email me about my last Travel Journal that I have decided to do a class at M&H Office Supply in Blackfoot on the Saturday the 27th of August from 9 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (Theres a great little scrap booking shoppe inside.)
We'll some"sniggle stickles"..and learn some new and creative techniques and have FUN doing'll walk away from this class with a fully created project...ready for your journaling and photos galore....and some "sneaky fun things to surprise you."
It's been fun to create another if you are interested....please call 208-785-0770 for all the details. The book will be on display in the shop this coming Monday, August 8th. (Seating is limited so make sure if you are interested you sign up soon!)
Thanks for the interest.....enjoy the very best this day has to offer...:o)


Anonymous said...

Got signed up for this. Can't wait. So glad that you are doing this cuz I missed your super card class. C U there.

Faith Maupin said...

I live in Indiana and can't attend!!!! Ever do any classes or tutorials online? I really admire your work and would love to learn some of your "sneaky fun things" too!

Belinda said...

Jann, this journal is lovely! I am not suprised you have so many people waiting to get into your classes. Wish I could come play.
Hugs from Oregon,

Julie Kelly said...

Hello my Friend, I always have fun scrapping from you. I am always learning fun new techniques and tricks. I am excited about this class. I will see you there. Love ya, Julie

Stephanie said...

I'd love to take your class too!! :) is it available on line!?!?!! ;) just asking... dreaming...wishing.. begging!! lol!! :) hugs to you !! your amazing!!

Anonymous said...

I went on there website but your journal isn't there. Are you teaching it at your home? I want to take the class. I took one about two months from you. the card class, I loved it and want to come and take more.
Call me please.
Joanna Smith

Anonymous said...

Hi Jann,
I am singed up and ready for this class. Can't wait. See you soon.