Thursday, June 23, 2011

Was making this layout......

for a class along with a couple others....and I came across this TH stamp that I had purchased a while ago....such a fitting quote for such an outstanding person. This is the very good friend my daughter just lost to cancer. He is 24 and an outstanding young man....he loves my daughter as a sister and they had great years when I came across this stamp...I found it only fitting to add the image of two dear and beloved friends....:o)


Anonymous said...

I love this. The layout is fantastic. I would like to sign up for this class.
Your daughter is beautiful. I love this paper. Can't wait. Please let me know if I got in.
Thank you,
Kellie Daniels

Anonymous said...

Sorry I spelled your name wrong.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful mama. love you! -Brin