Saturday, June 18, 2011

GREAT class today.......

with the Ka-razzee and fun and totally cool ladies today...thank you so much for a great class and all the fun and guys rawk....big time...:o)You little "inky-distressers you"...LOL
Thanks so much....look forward to another class in two weeks...:o)
Thanks again you guys...:o)


Anonymous said...

Speakin for the whole group of us crazy ladies, we thank you for such a great time and such a lovely class. To bad you couldn't stay and play with us, Kinston made us all enchaldas and Sangrias. You missed out teach better stay longer after class next time.
We all enjoyed it. Can't wait until next time and we have 3 other ladies that would like to come as well.
I'll call you soon and honey have more kits ready. I am sick and tired of hearing Julia and Betty cry in their soup about not getting any. lol
I'll call you soon honey. Thanks again for such a wonderfully fun class. We all loved it.

Jann said...

You are all sooooo welcome darlinks.....I am so glad that everyone stayed on task and got them completed....and time I will "stay and play" because I know how fun all you girls are....LOL....
Until next time....
Thanks again,