Sunday, August 22, 2010

Here's the scoop on the swap.....

Hey ladies...
THANK YOU ALL....soooooo much for participating. Please be committed and make the deadline as everyone is excited to do this swap!
So super excited that you are in this swap. It will be fun, easy and oh so exciting to see how we all interpret the "Fall Season."
So here it is....

(1) Please use SIX (6) 6.5 X 3.5 coin envelopes.

(2) Distress them, junque them up, cover them, ink them, stamp them, tear them, extend them, flower them up, ect. anything and everything your little heart desires. Let's all come "out of our boxes" and do something extraordinaire!

(3) BIND them all together with whatever you desire, add fibers and ribbons, anything you can hang or clip or tag onto them. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

(4) Fill them with tags, photo tabs (places to put photo's), sentiments...anything that will WOW your swap partner....:o)Fill them with the warmth that your swap partner should feel from you when they have your beautiful coin mini in their hands and are just in "awe" !!!!!

(5) Your mini should be shipped to your swap partner on OR before September 13th (Monday) and in the mail headed their way. PLEASE try to keep this date as it gives you THREE weeks and we all can not wait to receive them. Contact your SWAP PARTNER for their address quickly. You can always SEND THEM early if you get them done! ALSO...PA-LEEEESE send me a photo of your album cover so I can post them all here on my blog to show off ALL your wonderful talents and all of us will get to see every one's!!! I hope to be doing a video on those photo's as well.

These can be made out of SCRAPS you have...odds and ends that you have from finished projects, left overs, one of a kind, imagine all the possibilities of using inexpensive materials that you have just a "smiggon" left that will take that WOW factor OVER THE TOP! I love designing and using all my scraps on smaller projects and having it just come out fantabulously!

I love these little coin mini's as they are soooo easy to do and keep your costs so reasonable. I drew names out of the hat (well really it was a bowl...LOL ) here's your partner!!!!! HAVE FUN...I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED TO DO THIS!!!!!!

Michelle and Marisa
Valerie and Lyla
Sandi and Jennifer
Anna and Judy
Irene and Steffanie
Belinda and Jann

Also....there will be a "surprise" mailed out to someone for participating in this swap...I need a number between 25 and 75 left here in leave me a comment with your number on my blog and I'll be sending you a "surprise"...from across the miles...:o)
Thank you all so much again.


Judy said...

Thank you Jann, my number is 61.

junqueandroses said...

Ok..this is age...bwaaaahhhhaaa


Stephanie said...

Yayy!! I'm super excited thrilled to get started!!Yay.. thank you JANN for doing this swap!! I love these and haven't participated in a mini swap for quite sometime! Thanks for hosting :) sending you hugs from cali!!
and.. super cute idea of little giveaway... #34 !! <-- picked by my son! ;) thanks JanN sooo fun already!!
with a grin,
Steff :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jann,
I want anything and everything you are doing. lol How the heck are you honey? Are you teaching that super fantasic exzuberant book in Boise and if you are when the hell is that class? Sign me up! I took your last class at the Grange. Remember me Sylica? I bugged you about your blog site. lol not updating it enough. Oh yea rings a bell now. I loved that class and want to take more. Do tell me when your teaching next please. I really want in.

SerenityCrafting said...

Hey Jann, this swap sounds fun i have to go and buy the coin envelopes today and get started yippy. Thanks for hosting it! And my number is 38.

Anna :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jann, I am Sandi from the Beach. This mini is going to be so much fun! Off to PM my partner. Oh, and I choose 30! Thanks for doing this.

Brindino said...

I know I'm in school and everything- but really? I don't get to participate in the swap? :(

Probably a good idea. By the way my morning has gone there's gonna be very little time for scrappin. :)

Sounds like fun though! I can't wait to see pictures.

Valerie said...

This swap is going to be fun! My number is 70! :)

Michelle Roman said...

My # is 57

Leopoldo said...

My number is 25. JenniferNicole

believe196161 said...

Hi Jann, I am so excited to be in your swap....#66