Monday, April 12, 2010

Mucho Funno!

Last week I taught classes in Boise. Had wonderful classes at the Grange and also at Stampers and Scrappers. I have to admit that after teaching at the Grange....which I LOVE the ladies there and have so much fun with them.....I had the pleasure of teaching with my daughter Friday evening at S&S. It was indeed...soooooo much fun. So thanks to ALL of you...Grange ladies know I luv you guys...(I know I know....I forgot to take the Grange photo's....I am indeedy sweeties sorry. If anyone has some...PLEASE send them to me...thanks)
It was fun and I so enjoyed having a "man"...yes ladies...I said a "man" in our class at S&S's. His wife...who was an absolute dolly...was making one for her mama and he for his. How cool was that to have a class with a guy in it! I have only had a handful of men take classes since I have been teaching...and truly it was very fun. GREAT fun....good characters to laugh and giggle with. So thank you all again for sharing the day me and the evening with my daughter and I. Made for a great week in my book anytime. I respect and enjoy all of my students sooooo much. Hope to see you again in another class and share that great camaraderie of all having a great time.

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Michelle ~ said...

and what a hoot to surprise you dear beloved!!! xoxox, m