Friday, April 3, 2009


ahe yes....I love to use them on my layouts. For years I have tried everything I know of to help organize them. Bags, boxes, name it...I've tried it. BUT....the other day while I "again" was cleaning out my craft room....I had the best idea I think for keeping ribbons...(at least for me it is)
I had several of these but went and got a couple more. Took all the similar colored ribbons and put them in these see through gallon cans. PERFECTO!!!! This has worked so unbelievably well for me and did not cost me much. I can see every ribbon in them and when I purchase more I simply just add those to the co-ordinating can....I'm telling you guys...its works fantastic!
No more searching-bagging-spooling and mess.....:o)


Anonymous said...

THIS IS FANTASTIC. Really cool idea Jann. I always want to use my ribbons but its a pain in the butt to get them out and look for the one I want. This is a very cool way to store ribbons.
Can't wait to do mine.
Wanna help me? lol
Love ya girlfren.

Michelle ~ ~ said...

sugar, you ain't lookin' for Glenda the good witch YOU need the wizard himself!!!! and BTW, I love love the ribbon idea, however I don't have the space for it!! darnitall. And, I love the bird journals!!! great idea!! love ya, michi ... if it makes you feel any better ... it snow flurried here but nothin' on the ground!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I love this idea Jann. It is a very good one. I can't find those casns over here so can I send you some money and you can get me 8 of them? I can not wait. I have been fighting with ribbons for a long time. This is making me excited about cleaning my room.
Love ya sistah from anotha motha.

Pam O. said...

They are just pretty to look at even if you don't use them. I hope this inspires me to clean up around here.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jann.
I just went out and bought these and I love them. Your right! They work so well with all my ribbons.
Tried to call you today but didn't get an answer. Where are you?
Call me ok?

Michelle ~ ~ said...

where O where do I buy these? and what size are they dearest girlfriend O'mine?????? love ya, m

Jeni Boisvert said...

lol Jann, Ribbon is a pain, I finally just threw ALL of mine in a bottom cabinet drawer....the tangled mess outta site! ;) yours is MUCH cuter though!