Wednesday, April 22, 2009


All those fun and giggling little girls when my daughter's birthday parties were remembered as "the best" as her friends use to tell me.
As she just turned 22, I think back on all the fun and crazy things we did for her birthdays. They were always long planned and so much fun for everyone. This birthday she and I decided we would make these fun dolls with everyone. I asked every girl what their favorite color was for dresses, socks and shoes. I matched every dolls "hair" to that of their took some time for them to create them....but when completed....these little beauties took on their owners personality. The smiles were vast and the times had were fun for them all. I so enjoyed doing all those parties....with all my daughter's friends...those beautiful little "dollfaces."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jann.
I am so excited to finally find your blog. Thanks for the letter. It was really nice to hear from you. I miss you!
I love this layout. Your so creative in everything you do. Lissy had so much fun at all Brindon's parties. She had her doll forever. Glad to hear Brindon is doing well. I sure miss those fun days.
I'll write you soon.