Sunday, September 25, 2011


of my favorite students....these ladies rawked this mini in class and I so enjoy their antics and laughter. GREAT gals enjoying their creativity.

I LOVED teaching this class and putting a smile on your faces...made my day!!!!...thank you ladies for making my Saturday morning enjoyable....:o)

There were a few "ahe ha" moments....:o)

Some giggles from the "de-stressers" distressing...LOL
And some moments of "Um was this suppose to go on the bottom-ness?" (wink) But you know ladies.....I think you all did fabulous....and you totally made my Saturday morning...:o) I so hope to see you all in another class....:o) Thanks again to Heidi...the fabulous "label-er" and especially to Dawn, owner of M&H for hosting this class! You ladies truly made my Saturday! Stop by to see Dawn and some of her "fabulously wonderful" stamps just in.....:o) Unusual and so much fun to design with...;o)


Anonymous said...

I loved our Halloween card class Jan. Thanks so much for having it. I want to take more. When is your next class? Wish I could have done this book. Dang work got it the way.
Let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hey You!
You loved our class too right?