Thursday, September 8, 2011

I LOVE these stamps!!!!

These are three new "fallish" stamps that I picked up yesterday at M&H from Dawn (208-785-0770) I LOVED them...they are wood mounted and so deeply etched and easy to use. Made making these three cards a snap! Easy smeezy!!
Fall is on it's way and I can not wait for my favorite season!

Hope your day has been filled with creative-ness!


Anonymous said...

OMG I love these to.
The colors are super cool Jann.
You always make the coolest things look so simple.
I can't wait to get them.

Belinda said...

Jann, these are so lovely. Very you! Great designs. Wish we could craft together. sigh.
Hugs from Oregon

Anonymous said...

I thnk these are fabulous. I want these stamps.
Are you doing a caard class with these? I sure want to take it if you are.
big bear hugs,