Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Never cease to amaze the young, old or the in-betweens...:o)
We all love them and admire them.....I don't see them much around here but last night...this one shown brightly for a few brief moments reminding me of when I was a child and always wanted to see where they stretched from, glazed into the ground...and if there really was a pot of gold and the "end of the rainbow."....
Make a wish!


Snickerdoodlin' Journal said...

WOW!! Rainbows are such a spectacular site. I'm fortunate that we get to see our world's beauty more often. A full rainbow and a double rainbow are the next ones you need to catch a glimpse of... they take your breath away...

take care - have a gorgeous day filled with creativity & inspiration


Anonymous said...

I saw this one to. I loved seeing this because I forgot to take a picture of it. Thanks for posting it here. Did you see the double one right by it for a minute?
Thanks for all our kits. We all played with them yesterday. Nice seeing you twice in one week. Class is a blast with you. Don't move to Boise. We all want you to stay here.

Jann said...

Hey Eli,
Glad you all had fun playing with your kits. I have Susan's ready when she can pick it up.....sorry I didn't know that she wanted two of them....and yes I saw the double rainbow.....it was awesome....see you in a couple weeks....remind everyone to prep for class would you....:o) And NUPE I am headed back "home" soon dear heart....you guys will have to come over there for class....LOL
Thanks again,