Sunday, April 17, 2011

Metal butterfly wall sculpture

So....wandering through TJ's one day with the "blonde child" (aka my daughter) we came across this metal wall sculpture of all these butterflies. Now, mind you, the original photo of it, will not upload but it was shiny heated metal and sort of gold and bronze in color.....I remarked to the "blonde child" this would make such a way cool wall hanging in my studio if I changed all these butterflies with paper. I could tell by the look on her face when she said..."Ummmm...yes it would" thinking I was a bit crazy and that seemed like a lot of work. I go to Boise every month to see my "blonde child" and all my other friends I miss so much since moving 5.5 hours away...I watched these butterflies go from mark down to mark down through the series of about 4 months. day strolling the isles by myself....I noticed it was marked way down and decided that it MUST come home with me. (Now having not told my daughter) that I had bought it....I thought it would make a truly great piece of art to hang on "her" wall being that she so loved butterflies when she was just a little one and that I could make it into something that she would I painted it black... and began to cut all the black and white papers I had, as she loves those colors... FORTY sets of wings and tails later
I started to apply them to the painted metal. The results are so what I had hoped for....I stamped, distressed, and embossed the butterflies before I applied them to the sculpture

and without a doubt I think she will enjoy it. I wish I had bought both of them as I would have loved to have done one for myself in "vintage-ness." It was a great fun project to do for someone I love and adore....and I can not wait to give it to her this Tuesday when I am in Boise for her birthday.
Think of something in a "different light" grab it up and make something to make you smile or as I did....that beautiful smile I love so much and miss so much....even brighter..:o) Happy Birthday my sweet child...and for all the "flutterings and wings"...I hope this reminds you of your imagination and all the "wings" you painted, caught and sung to when you were little...with your beautiful smile...:o)

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Belinda said...

Fabulous! I love this project and I bet she really enjoys looking at it every day, a reminder that her Mom loves her very much.