Monday, April 4, 2011

The "Beauty of it.....

is something one needs to always remember....
I love someone deeply that has made a hard decision in their life.
Change happens around us all the is how we "except" that change that makes us the people that we are. If we sit stagnated and patterned all our lives....we never have the courage to do anything....we never "gather" anything new around us....nor do we find anything new "gathering" around ourselves. We all have "visions" that hold tightly into our minds and hearts....and although we find ourselves not always living those "visions" ...they are always somewhere...floating amidst our dreams and expectations....the vision of what we ultimately want.
Courage, respect for ourselves, warmth and love.... gather those visions when you need them the most. They will allow you to look "forward" and will grant you the strength to change what you want for "your" life....some have it...others do not. Sometimes it is thrust upon you when you least expect it....and you have to have courage but you learn from that and become much stronger than you once thought you were. It allows you to change and stands beside you to make those changes. You can't "borrow" it from have to be able to do it for yourself.
My daughter posted this on her Face Book page and I thought it so appropriate for this post I just couldn't pass it up and not post it....:o)It reminds me of where I was in my youth....where I arrived into my adulthood....and how far I have come in my own life making changes still......Thanks to my beautiful daughter....I can pass it on to you....and make you smile today...knowing that you might need something to remind you of how great your life can really be.....if you just have courage.... to change...:o)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jann,
I adore this. It is so kool.
Want to do lunch tomorrow?