Saturday, January 22, 2011


Little campers...aren't they?...LOL I giggled when I found this photo....the only one smiling in it one little boy and the teacher...:o)
It reminds me of how time passes quickly when you think about sweeps by you at the speed of light....and suddenly...the things that mattered the most in your youth...have slipped out of your being, disappeared...and life is what it is now....If we could only look into the future within our youth and know that life is all about "temporary things"...and times....and that what really counts is where you end happy you find content you are with your life and those around have to "put in your time" to reach those goals...but boy are they worth your time to get there....:o)
I have been designing an album for a "Beach buddy"....its a paper bag album that has been quite challenging I have to admit. A "larger" one than I had anticipated...but I am beginning to really have fun with it. Should have a "sneak peak" here this weekend.....:o)
Enjoy your day and do something for yourself....create something wonderful that warms your heart or the heart of another...:o)


Brin said...

Sheesh it's about time you posted something on your blog, slacker! :-P

Anonymous said...

Hey Janner,
That kido of yours is right. lol
We all have been waiting for your brilliance. and besides I have lost my mojo.
Lluv ya hun,