Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11 Pipers Piping !!!!!!!

They are done and ready for the mail.
This is my tag for the "Twelve Days of Christmas Tag" swap hosted by Hope on the "Beach".....made me think and ponder and create so it's been fun.
Thanks Hope for coming up with this idea....can't Wait to see everyone elses.
(Told you all he had "weird knees"....LOL0
Enjoy the BEST this day has to offer....:o)


Anonymous said...

Hi SWeetie! I love your piper tag. Its perfect~! I hope one shows up in my mailbox. Ummm, I was wondering if this was an "interactive" tag. <>
Hugs from Oregon,

Anonymous said...

jannie, this tag is so cool hunee. I love it and the colors are great. you really did find a guy in a skirt. leave it up to you to make it look easy. love ya
miss ya my friend,

Anonymous said...

I love your tag. Let me know when you get everyone elses. I want to see them all.
Love you, miss you, call me.

Emora Designs said...

WOW!! This is absolutely GORGEOUS Jann!! Why didn't I sign up for this swap again! LOL