Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Done...finished...and in the mail...:o)

This was VERY mucho funno to do.....liked the outcome...struggled a bit with the process...but never the the end result!


brin said...

I want one!!!

Anonymous said...

This is totally beautiful Jann.
Do you have kits for these?
I live in DC and can not take the class but would love a kit.
Kathy Hackman

Daphna said...

You did a beautiful job on this one! Can't wait till you post another swap, 'cause I want in!

Snickerdoodlin' Journal said...

I'm in love with this Jann - it's fantabulously GORGEOUS!! Way to go

ps: your daughter does have a beautiful smile.

take care - have a gorgeous day filled with creativity and inspiration

Emora Designs said...

Your minis are absolutely GORGEOUS!! Thank you for sharing your talent!