Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Steampunk mini....

Not near finished....but her "wings" are on....:o)
Just a little sneaky peek at the cover of my Steampunk/Victorian mini....that we are all swaping over at the "Beach"....talk about fun....this has chased my mind around and around...it's been good and so much fun to throw "the unusual" into the mix....:o) You'll have to wait a bit to see it finished....I am on the road tomorrow to see my daughter's beautiful smile and enjoy the warmth of my friends hugs....BUT I can't wait to get it finished....:o).....so stay tuned...:o)
Enjoy your Wednesday my friends......and happy scrapping....:o)


Anonymous said...

OMG I can't wait. I saw the last one you did and it was so cool.
Drive careful to Boise Jann. See you for lunch. Now I can't wait. lol

Felicia said...

I simply LOVE this. Just beautiful.

Have a great day!

Belinda said...

LOVE IT!!! I am sending my address in a PM so you can be sure it ends up safely in my mailbox. lol. As always your talent amazes and inspires me. I have a feeling I am going to simply copy every page of this mini. I will call it my Jann Knock-Off Mini.

Stephanie said...

sooo super exciting.. ta-hee!! i love love super gorgeous sneak peaks like these!! :) can't wait to see it alll!!! :) hugs