Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just a "sneaker peak"....

on the swap I am hosting at the "Beach"....
I have got my "bare bones" done and ready to sit there until I have the time to "embellie" it...I LOVE this paper...have had it for a while.....:o)
Hope your "light bulbs" are all on and you've been thnking of what your going to do...this is sooooo much fun!
Have a happy, scrappy day.....(luv ya Steffers)....wink


Brin said...


Stephanie said...

Ta-hee!! Jann!! soo LOVE LOVE THIS MINI!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!??? I want.need. more details please!! and let me go ahead and beg for a video on it NOW!! LOL :)
ITS STUNNING GORGEOUS.. LOVE THE EDGE OF THE MINI!!! SOO amazing :) can't wait to see it completed!! YOU Dear Jann are amazing!!
with a excited grin,
steff :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see this when your through with it.
Are you goning to teach this anywhere close to me?
Let me know please.
My phone number is 745-9196
I took the class from you that on the pets mini and made it for my daughter. She adored it and I loved loved loved your class. I also did one in a different theme for a gift for a baby and it turned out super good. You are a super person Jann and such a good teacher.I learned so much from you and had so much fun in that class.
Joni Arkenstein

Crafting to stay sane! said...

Wow Jann, This is simply gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing it completed! hugs Alyson x

Anonymous said...

I want my light bulb to go on but we need you to teach us another class.
When are you coming back to Boise?
Let me know and I'll tell everyone.
Caroline and the grange gang