Thursday, August 19, 2010

I will be......

posting some mew Mini's and classes soon I promise....I am just busy creating....but hopefully will have something up and going by tomorrow....thanks for all the emails and messages....:o)
Enjoy the best this day has to offer you...:o)


Stephanie said...

HI Jann!!! Super excited to see your new mini!! OH my goodness.. I KNOW its amazing.. :) ta-hee!! and whoa.. i know your hooked!! So EXCITED FOR YOU!! :) LOVE IT!
I hope this message finds you happy , healthy and scrappy! Happy weekend !! :) and sending you grins.. lots and lots of them.. because I'M THRILLED ABOUT YOUR SOON TO BE POSTS!! :)

With a grin,
Steff ;)

junqueandroses said...

Hey spud girl....Love, love, love this mini. Thanks for hosting this coin mini swap. i know that it is going to be Fabulouso!!!