Saturday, July 17, 2010


I love it....its been an "out of the box" day for me and I have so enjoyed creating this little surprise for a friend that I admire and has such great talent.
It's for Steffanie, who abounds with creativeness and talent from California. She has a family, a doglet and a very busy life. But she astounds us all with her great abilities to create and produce "works of art".....she told us all about these little dress forms and I actually found one here in "Duttonville." So today.....I thought I'd create one for her. To say thank you for her generosity, her endearing words and her encased warmth that she has given to me as a friend.
Steffanie....your such a sweetie....a beyond talented person.....your imagination and creativeness surpass most...and I am so honored to be your friend. You brighten my day and and always bring a smile to my face.
So enjoy my dear one.....and thank you so for your warmth and your friendship and endearing words....they are truly encased in my heart and appreciated so very, very much.
I am truly honored by your friendship.....:o)
Smiles from the miles Steff...XOXO


Anonymous said...

Jeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Jann
This is incredable. Good heck. Wish my name was Steff. lol
When will you be teaching again in Boise? Lemme know.
Alice Kenner

Anonymous said...

Hey Steffgal,
Your blog is fun. If Jann thinks your talented then you must
I really liked your blog to.
Alice Kenner

Jann said... silly gave me Steffanies comment...LOL.....I'll pass it on you silly wabbit....hey good having you in class the other did awesomely darlink....:o)....glad that you enjoyed it so much...:o)

Anonymous said...

I have been following many scap-bookers/mini album .... I am totally in love with your creations ... I am in romulus michigan and i wnt to be part of scrappers here .... Any 1 out there pls email me at God bless you and your family...