Monday, January 4, 2010

A "Sneaky-Peeky"

of the card class I will be teaching in a couple weeks....they are fun and take you "out of your box" for some altered and creative abilities. I just LOVE these stamps...they are so much fun to "mix and match."
There are "8" cards in this class all with the Valentine's theme. But you could send them anytime to anyone. :o)


Anonymous said...

sign me up! when are these? lemme know.

Michelle ~ said...

dear one, I am swamped on overwhelmed but doing well ...the card is awesome and I love the coloring!! I'll have to give you my new address!!! missing YOU tons

Anonymous said...

Hey Girly
Sing me and Carol up. Lemme know when the class is. Call me hon.

Jann said...

Do you want to "sing" in my class? sure and bring you own tunes darlink...LOLOL...Just goshing you darlink...I'll "sign" you up right now....see you there...:o)

Michelle ~ said...

Jann, I would have lovd to have used the "my heart is with you" this week for a sympathy card. I literally had to go buy one. long week here! missing you!!