Thursday, January 21, 2010

I love these stamps......

They are sooooo much fun to play with.
I will be teaching this class in Idaho Falls and in Boise. Call me or Email me for dates, sign ups, costs and supplies to bring. (papers may vary ever so slightly)
Prepare to be creative and excited about these cards! You'll learn some great fun techniques in stamping, embossing with distressed powders, layering, layering and more layering..... and you'll be thrilled with your results!


Anonymous said...

Count me in! I am calling you right now. These are beyond kool. These are like totally wonderful. Can't wait to take this class Jann.
Get off your cell woman I can't get you to answer me. hahaha
Vicki Mann

Jann said...

Sorry guys...the classes in Idaho Falls are full. There are two spots left in Blackfoot. Call me soon if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan,
I am really excited to see your blog. Molly gave me your address. I called yesterday to Blackfoot and my girlfriend and I signed up. We have two more people that want to take it with us. Can you call me please and see if they can get in on the same class? She said it waas full but they really want to take it. Molly has my name and number at the store.
Jennie Collins

Michelle ~ said...

I looooooooooooooove these stamps! where did you find them or is that double-decker top secret? you could tell me ..then you'd have to kill me!! I think they are great!!

Anonymous said...

Loved your class. I can't wait to get these and use them again.
Thanks for so much fun and I learned so much.
Kira Comstock

Anonymous said...

Hi Jann.
I loved this class too. I had so much fun doing them and have made a bunch of them for Valentines Day. Your class was a blast and I want to take more. Can you send me a chalendar of what you will be teaching this month? And will you show me how to set up a blog too? Thanks for so much fun. Your great.
I'm the one that kept forgetting to ink everything. hahaha