Monday, September 21, 2009

We move "inland" today....

Bah humbug :o(
Leaving the sights and sounds of the ocean in which we won't forget....we'll just miss. People are so laid back here. They seems "calmer-of less stress." Maybe it's the sound and sights that surround them....rock them to sleep and wake them gently in the mornings. No alarm clocks blarring, no phones ringing. Just the crashing of the waves...ever present. We are off to Astoria today where they build houses on steep streets. The Hub's never been there so it will be fun for me to show him the history and the historic houses perched on top of the hills.

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Michelle ~ ~ said...

I vote Tom buys you a house in Astoria and I'll come visit for a lenghty time!!! have fun.