Friday, September 18, 2009

We made it!

The ocean is underfoot....and it is absolutely beautiful.
We are at Newport, Oregon and enjoying the early evening walking a long time on the beach. Decompressing....and enjoying a sight long awaited.


Michelle ~ ~ said...

doesn't the ocean just 'speak' to you. have a great time ... decompress, enjoy and have fun! can't wait to see photos. m

Anonymous said...

So glad that you and Tom anre having such a good time. It's fun to see your photo's. Send some more.
We love you guys and miss you so much.
Callie Kelly Ted and Tom

Anonymous said...

The ocean does speak to you and soothe your soul. I love the way the way he is holding his shoes make it look like he is holding a heart - quiet poetic in this picture don't you think? I love pictures like this - hugs Shell xx