Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I had so much fun.....

doing this. Its for a great cause....Susan G. Koman.
A lot of stores are having contests and "scrap pink" events for such a great and outstanding cause......how could I pass up doing somthing I totally believe in.
Friends...."bossom buddies"...."breast friends"....always remind each other to have those annual "mamo's" if they truly care for one another. I have several that remind me as I remind several myself. We don't like them, there are really not our favorite thing to do.... but they SAVE lives and we can and should do them every year. So remember my dear friends....a sister lost her sister to breast cancer...and an awareness cause began. Honor Susan, get your annual mamo, do self exams and take care of yourself. Put yourself #1...and keep your breasts......cancer free!
P.S. You can see this "over the shoulder boulder holder" on display at one of my favorite shops.....Scrappin Girlfriends in Twin Falls.


Michelle ~ ~ said...

okay dearest one ... this is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors, support (pun intended!) the cause and it's beautiful and fun too!!

brin said...

very cute mama

Anonymous said...

Holy shit batgirl. lol this thing is totally cool. I love it. very cool and very lovely to have for the cause.
ps good friend. booked mine last wednesday. thanks for the reminder honey.

Christine said...

So totally cute! And the scary thing is if it is a 38D, my daughter would probably wear it! She has a "bra" fetish! Too cute and reminding us of a much more important item! Thanks Jann!