Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sorry Kids.....

I will not be teaching this book. Sometimes you just have to create something for yourself. The rose which some of you have asked about is from the wonderfully talented Jeni B. Her blog is listed on my side panel. She is a fabulously talented woman from Twin Falls and is a whirly girly of photography. I love her let me tell you that again I LOVEEEEEEEEE her roses....she captures things in photographs that make your senses leap. Not often am I oober impressed with someones "multiple talents"...but Jeni B. takes the cake. So since this album is "just for me"...sorry ladies....I won't be teaching it. But I will put my calendar up soon...and they're will be some "altared" somethings in it...promise. Give Jeni's blog a won't be sorry. Also Scrappin Girlfriend's blog is running something fun so hit that one as well....and share your talents with them. They enjoy it!
Tata for now you creative ladies...and thank you for all the email mails. They are well appreciated.

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Jeni Boisvert said...

O My Goodness Jann, your words made me blush girl, I haven't had time to blog hop and was shocked. I'm so honored you used my rose in your book. You are too sweet, I'm not worthy of such praise. ((hugs))