Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My My My how times passes. Is it just me...or does it seem like it's just flying by?
Not to much designing on this end. But I'll leave you all with this passage I read yesterday on line.....I think it's one of the finest I have read in a very long time. It was one left by a man way to young before he died of brain cancer. Makes one think.....:o)
I hope you all enjoy it.

What happens after a person dies?
I have no idea.
I do know......that if Love transcends the boundaries of Life...and space and time, I have amassed more than enough to carry me safely to my next destination.
And I hope......I have left enough behind to help light a path.....so that we may one day.....meet again.

I appreciate all my friends and I love you well. Your laughter and antics....your tears of joy and of sadness....shared with you have been my life's warmth....trusted by you has been my life's worth....and engaged in all your lives....you have been my family.
And I thank you all endlessly.


Michelle ~ ~ said...

truly jann, life is all about relationships!! thanks dear friend!

Anonymous said...

Hey girlfren,
Your writing again? Lets hope so! You make the best and dearest friend I know. Your always there, you love deeply (I know your husband and kiddo knows this) we love your laughter and you brings us such joy. We love ya deep honey.
Kelbell and Cal
p.s. Hawaii is beginning to such. lol