Thursday, May 14, 2009

Something new.....

caught my eye today via my friends at Scrappin Girlfriends in Twin Falls.
One always has good and bad times...days that linger or slip by us at the flash of light...or in a speed that we wish to slow or accelerate....but I found this sight...Kelly Rae Roberts inspirational and uplifting. She's young...talented and full of energy. Making her way proudly through the paths into her being an accomplished artists with friends new and old.
Check her out at Well worth your time and well taken to heart.
She made me feel lighter today....a bit more accomplished....and wondering what great things my daughter will accomplish when heading back to college this fall.
For us all....believe in brave.....we can all do it! Gather strength from those that really care for deeply for laughter shared....notes calls made....believing that you make your own make your own fate....and take along someone that will rejoice in those accomplishments with you...and cast aside those that give you only "faces"...and not the depths of their own hearts.....:o)
Bug...I love is endless...:o)
Tom...I love our laughter...talks and our life...:o)
My friends....I appreciate you much...:o)


Anonymous said...

And you my BFF should write a book. Or be an author or just plain write more!
I love ya sistah.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you too Jann.
I miss you so much it hurts some days. Thank God for cell phones.
Kelly sends her love as well. Hi to your Tom.
We love you kiddo.Hope to be back on the mainland soon.
Callie and Kelly

Anonymous said...

PS Gez is right. You should be writing a book GDI! Now get to it. lol

Michelle ~ ~ said...

jann, thank you sooooooo much for your words. Like gold they are to me!! have a great week. YOU are dear dear dear to me.