Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We look into the mirror and see someone else...looking back.
As I only remember my grandmother on my father's side slightly being we moved away and I only saw her three or four times within my childhood, I do remember her fondly. She was always strong and warm as she was a "rancher's wife" and most likely could do just about everything the men could. She was kind and gentle to me but had a harshness in her deep voice and manerisms. She made the most incredable apple pie that I still can sometimes smell when my mind drifts back to when I last saw her in her kitchen in Kansas baking huge meals for the ranch-hands....she would start at dawn and end at dark. Of all memories I hold dear, she is one that I felt warmth from.... with long, squishing hugs that almost took your breath right out of your body. I would say "Grandma, I can't breathe!"...she would laugh deeply at me and say..."I'm taking all your air from you honey so I can breathe you in when your gone." She engulfed you with her voice when singing and she was stern with everything around her but me when I was a small child.
When I looked at this photo recently...I saw bits and pieces of me...the more I looked at it...the more I new I looked so much like my was like looking in a mirror.

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OMG I love this page. My hell girlfren you need to post more layouts these are awwsome Jann.