Sunday, November 2, 2008


are the trademarks of our hearts. "To have a must be a friend."....I love that saying and have repeated it many times throughout my life. "girlfriends" and I took a class. We had a blast and a half! My friends Patti and Michelle came from Boise and I from Idaho Falls. Meeting in the middle....we turned a Saturday afternoon into a gracious one with fun and laughter. We met "new" friends...Audrey, Stacy and Stephanie and have always felt the friendship and warmth of Lisa and Michelle that own the store.
Scrappin Girlfriends is a great store....if your even close to Twin Falls, you won't want to miss it.
So yesterday....good friends gathered round...completed a fantastic little book and shared warmth and laughter.....and as I said is as a trade mark of ones heart to have such great times...with such outstanding people.
To Patti and Michelle...thank you for meeting me half way....your driving time and efforts are so well appreciated from this heart of mine.
See you all this coming week as I travel "home" to the sights and sound that I miss so very much...:o)<----big smile!
Smiles from the miles....


Pam O. said...

Hey Jann,
Glad you got to have some girlfriend time. I met up on Sunday with a gal I have been friends with since 3rd grade and we made Christmas cards. I love hangin with the girls. Haven't made it to St. A yet, guess they are coming home this weekend. Hope to see you soon. Pam O

Michelle ~ ~ said...

ditto ... absolutely ... I agree! and I tooooooooo had a blast!!! see you wednesday, got my bags packed!!

Anonymous said...

You make the best girlfriend I know.
I love you.
I miss you.
And I can't wait to see you this week.
Sometimes the time between us is just to damn long.
C U tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jann,
Its Connie I took your X-mas class and loved it. I have been searching for your blog, so glad I found it. When are you teaching again? Count me in! Call me you have a message with my number on your cell phone.
Can't wait to take another class from you.