Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Tea Time".....

is tomorrow....along with my card class and my 12 ladies coming.....should be fun...wish me luck...I'll post the cards soon....:o)

Its cold here......nice evening to have the fireplace on.......


LoRi said...

How cute is your table setting???
Wish I could come. :0(

Anonymous said...

Hey there Honey,
Talked to my grandmam and she said that her bff had a hoot at your card class. Said lunch was way cool and she had a blast with her girlfriend Connie. She said you made everyone shut up and concentrate in the nicest way! lololololol She said they really enjoyed it. Sorry grandmam could not come she was bummed but she is still sick. When are you coming to Boise? You better come soon honey!
Love U sistah!
btw if you have forgotten who I am I'm the one that MISSES YUR ASS!
bear hugs